Hi, my name is Mateusz

Hi,  I'm Mateusz

I'm a UX/UI designer, an out-of-the-box thinker, and an artist with good problem-solving abilities. 

In my work, I am solution focussed and like to ask the questions to better understand the challenges that customers and users face. Then I try to look for the best solution to clear the problem.

Before UX/UI, my background was in photojournalism and I worked as an award-winning documentary photographer. I covered conflict in Ukraine for over five years. My pictures are published around the world and even in space (Yes! That's true!)

I'm based in London but I was born in a small town in Poland. I love travel and sports. In my free time, when I'm not taking photos or trying (hard) to become a judo master, I'm probably reading some book and worrying about global warming. 

Thanks for stopping by.

One of my pictures in space! 

Picture from my project about Romas of Carpathia

Picture from my project "The Ruin"

Picture from my reportage about Ukrainian football hooligans

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